Bunny Paper Doll Printable / Digital Activity


This is a digital download product, I will email you the file within 1 day after your purchase,

This is a Bunny Paper Doll the idea is that you can print it out onto card, cut the pieces out and dress the bunny up in different outfits. You can use blue tack to stick them down so they stay in place, If you need a larger or more accessible version just ask, I’m happy to alter the size etc. Make sure when you do print the pages that the drawings aren’t cut off, and be careful if you have to resize them as you will need to resize both pages the same so the clothes still fit!

If you have a digital drawing program/ app on your computer or tablet that has layers (message me if you’re unsure what I mean) you can also colour it in and dress the doll digitally so no need to print! I’m more than happy to help you if needed.